About us

PERITECH International, Inc. was established in Tokyo in 1993 at a time when IT support was a major challenge for foreign companies in Japan. The locally available solutions were not suitable for organizations working in a multilingual and multicultural environment.

For 25 years, we have been working closely with our clients to deploy and maintain the Japanese component of their global IT architecture. We have collaborated with hundreds of companies as they have grown in Japan. We provide solutions to their local problems and learn from their global experience to remain on top of IT technology trends.

Aware of the challenges of productivity and information protection, PERITECH offers a complete range of services for the design, deployment, protection, and maintenance of computer networks

Dedication, Flexibility and Mutual Trust

We cherish a flexible and long-lasting partnership with the companies and organizations we have the chance to work with.

Since its creation, PERITECH have had the opportunity and honor to help major corporations to settle in Japan. We provide them with the flexibility of a close partner, helping them during their start-up phase. We benefit from their experience while their Japan operation grows, continuing to assist them until they can fly on their own wings.

We also apply the same concept with our collaborators. For us, it is important not to limit our staff to the same type of routine job. Flexibility requires all our collaborators to be involved in various aspects of the job, giving them more responsibilities and opportunities to pursue interesting projects for the benefit of our clients and their own career.